ISSN (Online) : 2277-4572



Author(s): Rijin Mohan*, Gopikrishna.S, Nandesh Mohan, Rashmi Pujar

Pandu is one among the disease which is explained in all the Ayurvedic literatures. It is a Pitta Pradhana Vyadhi, where Pandu Varna is the main symptom. It's a disease which can be diagnosed by observation. Classification of Pandu may be based on the predominant Dosha or by its etiology as in Mrithbakshanajanya Pandu. The general samprapti of pandu tend more towards Santarpanajanya Vyadhi. In Vataja Pandu Dathu Kshaya is the predominant feature. The symptomatic sequel of Vataja Pandu begins with Rasa Dathu Kshaya and ends up in Ojo and Varna Kshaya. When we analyse various etiological factors, symptoms and pathogenesis of Vataja Pandu from various Ayurvedic classical text books it tends more towards Apatarpanajanya Vikara. The pathological progression beginning from exposure to various etiological factors which leading to the vitiation of particular Guna (quality) of each Dosha, thereby manifesting various symptoms. Samprapti Vighatana is very much essential for finding the involvement of Apatarpaka Nidanas in Vataja Pandu. In this article an attempt is made to have a bird eye view on the causative factors, pathogenesis as well as symptoms to understand Vataja Pandu in detail.