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Names of materials with place obtained.

Collection of the Plant
The leaves of Stachytarpheta indica L. (Vahl) were collected from the Botanical gardens of Karnataka University, Dharwad during the month of May.

Preparation of the Extract
The dried leaves were subjected to successive extraction5-8 by using different solvents of ascending polarity i.e. Petroleum ether, Butanol, Ethyl acetate and Ethanol in a Soxhlet apparatus. Aqueous extraction was carried out by maceration method.

Phytochemical Studies
Preliminary qualitative chemical investigations of Ethanolic extract of leaves of Stachytarpheta indica L. (Vahl) were performed to know the presence of Carbohydrates, Glycosides, Alkaloids, Tannins and Flavonoids. Further thin layer chromatography was performed to confirm their presence.

Present your results in logical sequence in the text, tables, and illustrations. The Discussion should provide an interpretation of the results and their significance with regard to previously published work. There should not be any significant repetition of the experimental procedures or reiteration of the introduction.
Schedule for Administration of CCl4 and Test Substances to the Rats
(Font size 12 Title case Bold, Prepare Table with visible rows and columns, Do not use any color background)
Dose/kg body weight
No. of Days/Route
Normal control
Tween 80 (1%)
For 10 days/Oral.
Hepatotoxic Control
CCl4 0.7ml/kg
Tween 80 (1%)
For 3rd, 6th, and
10thday/ Intraperitonial
For 10 days/Oral
Standard (Liv-52)
CCl4 0.7ml/kg
For 3rd, 6th, and 10th day/Intraperitonial.
For 10 days/Oral.
Test (Ethanolic extract)
CCl4 0.7ml/kg
Ethanolic extract-200mg/ body weight.
For 3rd, 6th, and 10th day/ Intraperitonial
For 10 days/Oral.
Include in the conclusion implications of the findings and their limitations and relate the observations to other relevant studies.
Acknowledge only persons who have made substantive contribution to the study.

Refrences (Write using Bullets and numbering)

    Desai BG, Annamalai AR, Divya B, Dinesh BM. Effect of enhancers on permeation kinetics of captopril for transdermal system. Asian J Pharma 2008; 2: 35-37. (Journal)
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    Government of India. Ministry of health and family welfare. Indian Pharmacopoeia Vol. I & II. The Controller of Publication, New Delhi; 1996: 762-10. (Government publications)

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Liver Biopsy

Liver Biopsy

Figure 1: Normal Liver Biopsy (Normal group)

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