ISSN (Online) : 2277-4572



Author(s): Malik Itrat*, Javed A. Khan

Aging is a process of gradual, progressive and generalized impairment of functions resulting in the loss of adaptive response to stress and in increasing the risk of age-related diseases. According to Unani concept, aging is the result of tahleele ratoobate ghareezia by hararate ghareezia to maintain the organism in functional state and inadequate Compensation of tahleel by Quwwate hadima that maintain balance or homeostasis. Geriatric care is mentioned in Unani literature under the heading of tadabeer mashaikh. The concept of protection of an organ, stimulation of Hararate-gharizia and augmentation of vital force of important organs is the distinguishing feature of Unani medicine. The concept aims at maintaining the vitality of organs by protecting it from untoward stimuli and strengthening it to be able to cope with the diverse physiological climate. A number of drugs like Amla, Zanjabeel, Garlic, Kalonji categorize to possess such effects are frequently used in Unani medicine. Some of the drugs studied in recent years demonstrate promising effect.