ISSN (Online) : 2277-4572

Authentication of Authorized Trading Partners in Pharmaceutical Drug Serialization and Traceability


Author(s): Shambhu Sarkar

Background: The pharmaceutical sector is one of the most stringently controlled in the world. The safety and effectiveness of medications are crucial for maintaining human health. The practice of tracking and tracing the movement of pharmaceutical medicines across the supply chain is known in the industry as pharma traceability. In accordance with DSCSA compliance, supply chain stack holders must have a valid license under state law to make any digital transaction or serialized data exchange involving pharmaceutical medicines.

Method: Validate the trading partner license number during the electronic data exchange of serialized pharmaceutical medicines with the supply chain partners.

Results: The prototype has been designed and tested with 15 trading partners: 10 trading partners have a valid license, 3 trading partners have an expired license, and 2 business partners do not have a license number. The prototype has successfully validated and authorized trading partners with valid license data without exception

Conclusions: In conclusion, this innovative solution for trading partner authentication during serialized pharmaceutical medicine transactions will mitigate the risk of illegal trading partners entering the supply chain and will ensure only authorized trading partners are involved in the distribution of guanine medicines.