ISSN (Online) : 2277-4572

Formulation And Evaluation of Rapidly Dispersible Tablets of Karpooradi Churna


Author(s): Melody Grace Baby* and Prasanth M.S

The dosage uniformity and patient compliance can be increased and adulteration can be decreased in ayurvedic powders by formulating them into tablets. A rapid dispersible tablet system can be defined as a dosage form for oral administration, which when placed in mouth, rapidly disperses and can be swallowed in form of liquid. Karpooradi churna is widely used in ayurvedic system for the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases and for anorexia. This is given in churna preparation. Hence an attempt was made to develop orodispersible tablets of Karpooradi churna using a super disintegrate in different concentrations. Pre-formulation studies indicated that the churna was not free flowing Hence wet granulation technique was employed to prepare tablets.  The granules were compressed into tablets by incorporating a super disintegrant sodium starch glycolate. Among the prepared formulations some showed satisfactory results.