ISSN (Online) : 2277-4572



Author(s): Tejinder Kaur Marwaha*

Psoriasis is an inflammatory condition associated with painful, itchy, scaly skin and disfiguring skin lesions. The lack of possible cure and associated disadvantages in allopathic medicines has led to extensive research in natural products with anti psoriatic activity. Commiphora mukul (Gum guggul) and Psoralea corilyfolia (Babchi oil) were found to be efficacious and cheap anti-inflammatory drugs with least side effects as compared to the synthetic drugs used in the treatment of Psoriasis. Therefore these two drugs were selected for the present study. Considering the above justification an attempt was made to design and develop herbal anti psoriatic topical drug delivery system wherein biphasic drug delivery system of combined herbal drugs in the form of emulgel was formulated and their effect was compared to marketed preparation widely used for treatment of Psoriasis. In the study, topical emulgels of powdered extract of Commiphora mukul and Babchi Oil were formulated. The factorial and optimized batches were evaluated for %EE and %DR followed by in vivo studies. From the in vitro studies, formulation M3 showed maximum release of 79.72%, 94.34% in 6hrs respectively. The formulation M3 was comparable with marketed tacrolimus ointment. The results indicated that the optimized batch containing both the drugs Commiphora mukul (Gum guggul) and Psoralea corilyfolia (Babchi oil) exhibited good results. Thus, the results indicate that an effective herbal formulation containing Commiphora mukul and Babchi oil can be prepared overcoming the side effects posed by synthetic drugs.