ISSN (Online) : 2277-4572



Author(s): Sunitha G *, S.K Hafiz Hasan, Gazala Hussain

Pathya Kalpana is explained in detail in Ayurveda and a lot of emphasis is given for it. Yavagu is one Pathya kalpana and Rice is the main ingredient in Yavagu that is rich in carbohydrate and has digestive property. Koshatakyadi yavagu is explained in classics in the context of Visha chikitsa and is indicated in Visha Vegantara condition. It is prepared by boiling 1 part of rice by adding 6 times of herbal decoction containing nineteen ingredients having vishahara property. It should be taken with honey or ghee to achieve better result. This yavagu delay the visha vega from entering the successive kala and saves the life of the person.