ISSN (Online) : 2277-4572



Author(s): Hussain Gazala*

In Ayurveda Pharmaceutics broad spectrum of dosage forms are mentioned. In it Lavana Kalpas is one where lavana (salt) is the main ingredient in the formulation. It is prepared by combining lavana along with different herbs and subjecting to heat. Heat pattern is different for different lavana kalpas but for most of the lavana kalpas closed method of heat is employed by keeping in Sharava samputa. With the advent of technology modern machineries are employed in the preparations and research works have been carried out to analyse the lavana kalpas prepared with conventional and modern techniques. Though many lavana kalpas are mentioned in the literature of Ayurveda Pharmaceutics only few lavana yogas are in practice and there remains a wide scope for research in this dosage form