ISSN (Online) : 2277-4572



Author(s): Shivsharan U.S, Raut E.S. and Shaikh Z.M

This project explores the packaging of cosmetics. The word cosmetics, kosmetikos means “skilled in adornment”. Kosmein means “arrange”, or “adorn”. Kosmos means “order.” It also means “to make for beauty, especially of the complexation, or beautifying”; it also means done or made for the sake of appearance, “or correcting defects especially of the face.” There are several types of packaging materials available and suitable for a variety of cosmetic products. Materials used commonly are glass, metals, plastics etc. Now a day, one can easily find a vast range of beauty products to choose from ranging from white cosmetics, i.e. facial creams and body care products containers used are jars and pots for body lotions, face cream, lip balms powders etc. Peelings, color cosmetics e.g. lipsticks mascara, nail polishes, eye shadow, foundations, perfumes etc. The containers used are large sticks for lipsticks, compacts for foundations, Vials generally for lip gloss and mascara, tubes for eye creams, vials for the lip gloss and mascara. High-end products are usually seen in glass containers e.g. perfume. The material, shape, color and durability of the packaging plays a big role when it comes to marketing the cosmetic products. Cosmetic packaging is the most important part of the branding.