ISSN (Online) : 2277-4572



Author(s): Shilpa Patel*, Nikunj Patadiya, Pooja Makvana, Rikin Patel

The present work deals with the preparation and standardization of chitrakadi vati. All the parameters of both market formulation (MF1 & MF2) and Laboratory formulation (LF) were found to be within the limit prescribed in pharmacopoeia. Average weight and weigh variation of LF was 2057 mg and 0.2±0.1 %, disintegration time was 8±2 min, hardness was 4.6±0.2 Kg/cm2 , friability was 0.9722±0.2 %, ash values were 2.4 % (acid insoluble ash) and 2.15 % (water soluble ash), extractive values were 5.6 % (acid insoluble extractive) and 7.25 % (water soluble extractive). In order to ensure quality and stability of final product, some of the important chemical markers has been separated from the mixture and for analysis by high performance thin layer chromatography was selected for qualitative and quantitative purpose. The results of standardization parameters showed marked difference among three, which fingers to authenticity of market formulations. Even HPTLC fingerprinting showed some ingredients in market formulations were taken adulterated or inferior in quality. The HPTLC method for fingerprinting was found to be precise and accurate to quantify three chemical markers plumbagin (0.84%), piperine (0.92%), zingiberene (0.71%), and it further characterized by IR, NMR, Mass spectra.