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Author(s): Ashish Soni

Anorectal disorders such as fissure in ano, hemorrhoid, sinus, fistula in ano are direct link with our life style and bowel habit. Sedentary lifestyle, spicy and junk food, prolong sitting, smoking, alcohol are predisposing factors of altered bowel habit which is major cause of these notorious diseases. Fissure in ano is a split at muco-cutaneous junction in anal canal. It causes intense pain during defecation with passage of small amount of blood. Primary fissure can be acute or chronic while secondary are due to underlying diseases. Acute fissure usually respond to conservative treatment, if not then convert into chronic fissure associated with tag which is treated with surgical intervention. Fissure in ano is described as parikartika in Ayurvedic literatures by complication of virechan (purgation therapy). It is due to alleviation of vata and pitta dosha which causes severe pain with burning sensation. Avagaha sweda (sitz bath), high fiber diet isabgol, local application of jatyadi oil, guggulu preparation are such measures prove highly efficacious in management of fissures. Bilwadi churna, kutaj, takra are effective in colitis or IBS which causes secondary fissure. These Ayurvedic medicaments can prevent acute fissure to convert in chronic one hence probability of surgery can be reduced to a great extent.